Why Alumina?

Alumina can really change lives – the first step to recovery. We have recently launched our online groups aimed at young people between the ages of 14-18 years. It is a great way of giving young people the opportunity to gain an understanding of how they found themselves self-harming; the possible causes, and most of all exploring more positive ways they can deal with their emotions and challenging situations. If you are someone who likes to encourage others through their self-harm journey and receive that support from others then the group setting would be best for you. Although you may be thinking group settings aren’t for you. Well don’t panic! You can access Alumina through a variety of ways.

We recognise groups aren’t for everyone and sometimes people feel more comfortable discovering why they self-harm in a more private setting. If you’re not at the stage of being involved in a group setting but still want to understand those thoughts around self-harm and start your journey of recovery then Alumina ‘On Demand’ is for you. This will include pre-recorded sessions for you to be able to watch and explore on your own, at your own pace, your experience of self-harm and what it means to you. This may give you the confidence to go onto completing a group, or the tools to access local support.

From a young person’s perspective Alumina has given them the opportunity to “feel less alone and embarrassed to walk down the street without constantly wearing long sleeves. I feel Alumina has given me the confidence to understand everyone reacts to situations in different ways and although I have used self-harm for several years; I have come to find other coping mechanisms that are healthier giving me hope for the future”.