Course Content

This course has been developed to help a young person between the ages of 14-19 explore the deeper issues surrounding self-harm. For some people it may be the catalyst needed to reduce or stop their harming behaviour, while for others it may prove empowering, enabling them to seek support in their local area.

Once a young person has been assigned to an Alumina Live group they will receive one of our free Alumina books, which is designed to be used in many ways. This book is an activity book which will be used through out the whole course, a self-harm/ Alumina diary and once completed the young person can pass it on to professionals or people they will to confide in.

This book is also available to buy on an individual basis or in larger packs for any professionals who wish to run their own Alumina groups in their local setting.

The activities we work through have been throughly tested and have been approved by mental health professionals and doctors.

Our course is spread over 6 weeks and we will address the following subjects:

Week 1 - Who am I?

Can I figure out why I started self-harming?

Week 2 - Choices

What choices can I control?
Why is it nice to feel in control?
How can I CHOOSE to cope better when I’m not feeling in control?

Week 3 - Understanding how I feel

How do I feel before I self-harm?
How do I feel when I self-harm?
How do I feel after I’ve self-harmed?

Week 4 - Alternatives to self-harm

If I didn’t self-harm, how would my life be different?
When I feel like self-harming, what could I do instead?
Am I ready to accept that self-harm recovery is a bit like giving up an addiction?

Week 5 - Other People

Who are the most important people to you?
What do you wish you could tell them about your harming and how it makes you feel?
How do your family and friends cope when they are finding things difficult?

Week 6 - Looking ahead

Where do I want to go next on my self-harm journey?
What am I most scared of when I look into the future?
What am I most excited about for the future?