Frequently Asked Questions

How confidential is Alumina?

Everything that happens within a group is safe and goes no further, however we will break confidentiality if we feel you are at significant risk. The groups are all recorded and these are stored safely by the leaders and will not be seen by anyone else.

What will the book contain?

The Alumina book gives a great insight into how self-harm has influenced your life and what it could be like without self-harm. The book will start off explaining what to expect from Alumina and how to use the book. It then goes on to explain each week in detail, the topics that will be covered and a variety of activities you can carry out. Also, each week there will be a challenge that you can have a go at diary pages at the back to express your thoughts and feelings over the course of the Alumina.

What does a general session look like?

The layout of a session starts with a brief explanation into what you could expect from the session and the topic of that specific week for example choices. It will then lead onto a main activity that is carried out as a group; where you are given the opportunity to give your ideas around the session topic. There will then be a reflection task; which allows you to explore the topic in more detail and how you can apply it to yourself, getting the most out of the Alumina group.

How much will I have to share?

How much you share is down to you; however we do encourage you to share as much as possible in order to get the most out of each session and to successfully complete Alumina. Some sessions you may feel have more meaning for you but it’s important to engage in every session.

Do my parents have to know?

The age range for the Alumina group is between 14-18 years old. You do not need parental consent to join Alumina; however we would encourage you to tell an adult you trust that you are taking part. We hope being involved with Alumina will give you the confidence to be able to speak to a responsible adult about your self-harm.

What happens if I cannot make one of the sessions?

Don’t worry, if you can’t make one of the sessions you will be able to catch up with the session online and there will be a thought board where you can have a discussion with others about what happened in the session. You will also be able to refer to the Alumina book, where you will be able to carry out the activities covered in that week you have missed.